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Cost Management & Optimization Services

We are your CASE – Client Advisory & Solution Experts, providing management consulting services, focused on cost and processes optimization.

We are a team of professionals that proved to be successful through the years during our employment with some of the top companies worldwide.

We focus on building strong relationship with our partners. We treat you with respect. What you say is important to us and we will be there when you need us to be.

Reduce Your Expenses


We help our partners to be more efficient and profitable through reduction of their costs and increase of income. We tend to be the best at this.

We deliver our services with uncompromised quality thus achieving significant savings for our clients. We implement world best practices taking into account local specifics. We use our knowhow to deliver optimal results for our clients. We let you benefit from the experience of others.

Let Us Do It For You

You know how but you can not do it yourself –
let us do it for you!

You do not know how but you can do it yourself –
let us advice you how!

You do not know how and can not do it yourself –
We will handle it for you!


We serve Government and non government organizations, companies and business units – small, medium or large, multinational or local, owner managed and family businesses, public companies and organizations.

You all have something in common – aim for better efficiency of your spending.

We are here to make it happen.

  • Accountancy
  • Practices
  • Care & Nursing Homes
  • Factories
  • Health & Sports Clubs
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Legal Firms

  • Local Government Bodies
  • Manufacturing
  • Motor Dealerships
  • Restaurants
  • State/Semi-State Bodies
  • Retail Establishments
  • Service Companies
  • Wholesalers etc.


Areas where we can help you optimize your spending

  • Water
  • Fuels
  • Stationery
  • Medical Supplies
  • Packing
  • Lighting
  • Printed Materials
  • Work / Protective Clothing
  • Spare Parts
  • Auxiliary Inputs / Materials
  • Building Materials
  • Foodstuffs

  • Office Printing
  • Protection And Security
  • Maintenance
  • Rental Of Real Estate And Equipment
  • Cleaning (Activities And Materials)
  • Industrial Hygiene / Disinfection
  • Transport (All Types)
  • Logistics
  • Fleet Management

  • Business Processes
  • Product Portfolio
  • Electricity
  • IT Infrastructure And Maintenance
  • Catering / Catering Company
  • Commissions Credit Cards
  • Courier Services
  • Insurance
  • Leasing
  • Fixed /Mobile Telephone Lines


82 Vasil Levski Blvd.
Bldg. A, 1-st Floor, Apt. 3
1142 Sofia, BULGARIA

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Mobile: +359 887 277 799


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Cost Management

We help you to plan and control the budget of your business and to prevent over spending. We help you to manage your spend in the most efficient and predictable way. We help you to reduce your costs and increase your profitability.

Evaluation of saving potential

Many companies do not have enough or sufficient resources to analyze spend and to achieve optimal results in the supply chain. We help you to identify spend categories within your total expenses. We help you to evaluate your spend categories and to maximize the potential of your budget.

Benchmarking and market research

In many cases companies are looking for market snapshot with information regarding particular goods or services they are interested in. More over this data has to be further analyzed and processed to be understood clearly and efficiently. We help you to identify the right suppliers, to analyze and evaluate their operational performance and financial stability in order to take the right decisions..

Supplier Evaluation

In many cases the need for Supplier Evaluation is underestimated. Many companies do not have sufficient resources to analyze their supplier base and to asses suppliers performance. We help you to evaluate your suppliers, identify the risks associated with them and prevent any negative impact to your business.

Negotiations and Contracting

Negotiating with a supplier is a complex process requiring variety of skills, experience and product knowledge. By representing your company in negotiations with suppliers we can help you to achieve the optimal result for your business.

Implementing best practices

Sometimes it is not necessary to do everything from the beginning. We will help you to develop your supplier relations by activating some of the world best practices in supplier management and negotiations. By implementing these practices we will secure reliable supplier relations to avoid any significant supplier related risks to your business and still to achieve significant cost reduction.

Procurement Outsourcing

Purchasing goods and/or services is essential part of every business organization. Not all of them have the proper resources in place to meet the increasing demand. This is where we will help you by handling all your procurement activities, including needs assessment, tendering, supplier selection, negotiations, contracting, ordering, deliveries and supplier evaluation.

Legal advisory

We will help you to find the proper legal assistance, according to your specific requirements and needs.


We will contact skilled tax advisors for you to reduce your tax exposition or to get proper tax consultation in specific cases.


We will analyze your current business processes and company structure and will advise on how to optimize your organization set up in order to achieve better results with fewer resources.

HR Services

If you need HR consultancy on specific issues, payroll service consultancy, compensation and benefits consultancy or specific trainings for your staff, we will made available for you some of the best experts in HR area.


You do not have proper resources to perform any of the non-core business activities in your company? Better to outsource it to the experts. We will help you to find the best partner for you.

EU Funds

The EU funds are significant source of financing for some of your business activities. We will help you to create the winning project.

IT Solutions

You need IT support for your activities or different projects? You need someone to face your office IT challenges?  We will bring the experts to you to solve any issues you may have.

PR/ Communications

You need to position your company on the market and get recognized by the customers? Let us do it and you will become a major player.


Your product or services are not well recognized yet? Let us change it by bringing them to the market and make it famous. Marketing gurus will be there for you.

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